What is loss?

About Grief

Losing somebody one cares about is a painful event and is said to be the biggest ordeal in their life. It is often only after a loss that they realize how painful and sad bereavement can be.


After death claims someone important to them, they are tormented by all sorts of unthinkable emotions such as anger, guilt, and depression. It also causes various physical symptoms, such as insomnia and extreme fatigue. These symptoms are called grief reactions, and they can be sometimes so strong that they seem to last forever, and can overwhelm a person’s life and living itself.


Though grief reactions are unique individually, some are common to many people. It is said that knowing this beforehand can help the bereaved to cope with grief.


It is also said that if supporters understand what the bereaved will experience, they should be able to unravel the bereaved family’s situation, needs and problems early and respond appropriately.