Various disasters occur all around the world. Disasters sometimes result in enormous numbers of fatalities and missing people.


How can we support bereaved family members when they lose loved ones in sudden unexpected events, and what kind of support can be useful for them to take the next step in their sadness from losing loved ones?


This website contains a variety of information about helping those bereaved families in disasters.


The JDGS project has also launched an additional website, the Ambiguous Loss Information Website, to help families of the missing and those who have lost their home towns to disaster. We would like you to visit this website as well:


Ambiguous Loss Information Website   URL


Pandemics, such as the recent coronavirus infection, is one of the special disasters. In order to be of assistance to more people in this unprecedented global crisis, we have developed three leaflets about supporting the bereaved due to COVID-19 in the “Useful Information Section” of this website


Leaflet: To support those who have lost their loved ones during the novel coronavirus infection pandemic:


Basic principles and considerations when supporting those who are bereaved
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