When you go to disaster areas from the outside

For supporters

Immediately after a disaster, a lot of people from outside areas come to the affected region. While this is very gratifying for the victims, it will create new tasks for them, such as coordinating these outside volunteers and preparing first-time visitors to understand the situation.


In recent years, people who come to help disaster struck areas from outside are required to have the capability to provide support so it is easier on the people of the affected area. At the time of a disaster, it is very important to sufficiently understand the circumstances, local culture and people’s situation in the affected area and provide support that meets the needs of the local people without causing any additional burden on them.


The following are matters that supporters should consider when they enter disaster struck areas:



1.Recognize the fact that you can help only for a short period. There are certain types of support that only local people can provide in each disaster area. Try to help those people. Don’t forget to offer words of consolation to local supporters.


2.When starting support activities, focus on what the people in the affected areas want and need in order to offer support that can be provided now.


3.There are differences between what you should do and what you can do. It is also important to consider the local manpower.


4.Handle information with care. Handle information that should be shared with other supporters and those requiring protection of privacy separately.


5.Supporters from outside of disaster struck area also should be careful not to overwork or burnout. It is easy to become excessively active in a disaster struck area due to the willingness of providing help and mental strain. Note that people with traumatized experiences can cause intense fatigue and helplessness. Therefore, take sufficient breaks when conducting support activities.